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About Us

The Suspended bed company was established in 2010 by Mark and Amy Imhoff. They built the first "suspended bed" in 2009. The concept was developed purely out of necessity as opposed to a new business idea. When the two met (both in their early 40's) they both already had kids and each had their own homes. When the time came to combine households, a problems surfaced in that each had only 3 bedroom houses, and now the family exceeded the rooms. Thus the first bed was built, utilizing overhead space in both rooms to accommodate the 3 kids and still allowing plenty of space for "play areas" in each room and even the ability to accommodate guests. When all the friends and family seen the beds, their was a overwhelming response of the need to build, market and sale the beds. And that's how it was all started. Just two ordinary people with very creative minds and a willingness to try something new.


Suspended Bed Company
2681 E. Virginia St.
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 544-1808
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